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Take your event from ordinary to extraordinary with Pipe & Drape and Ballroom Uplighting. Enhance the look of your ballroom with our modern, Pipe & Drape and LED lighting technology. You can help to create whatever ambiance you are looking for and really make your decor pop. This is a great way to tie together the design and can be used in place of additional decorations.

The Uplighting fixtures will be placed strategically throughout the room to create beautiful columns of light beaming up walls, drapes & architectural fixtures. This additional feature will bring life to the room and is sure to be noticed by everyone who enters the venue.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, fundraising gala, a corporate dinner, or anything that has a bunch of people getting together for a celebration, you’ll certainly want to consider using Pipe & Drape and Ballroom Uplighting to enhance the ambiance of the room!

With your Event Package Pipe & Drape and Up Lighting, your event is sure to be a beautiful success!

Our rates are unbeatable and our service is exceptional!

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